Shipping on the River Humber.

Hi, welcome to my site where I'm showing pictures of ships that I photographed from Cleethorpes Sea-Front. My main interest is centred on the Humber Estuary and Humber Approaches rather than the upper areas of the River Humber.

Most of these photographs show ships between Sunk Spit, opposite Grimsby Docks, past Spurn Point and Bull Sands Fort and as far out to sea as the Alpha Bouy, which is around 25 miles out from where I usually stand at High Cliff in Cleethorpes. The Alpha Bouy is placed at the start of the Inner Sea Reach. This is the main channel into and out of the Humber Estuary and it runs in an east - west direction. Further out the shipping channels are split into three pairs (Inbound and Outbound):

The Outer Sea Reach carries on in an east - west direction, for ships crossing the North Sea to Germany and southern Denmark.

The New Sand Hole channels run north-east - south-west, for ships going north or to Northern Denmak, the Baltic Sea, Norway.

The Rosse Reach channels run south-east - north-west, for ships going south towards the English Channel or to the Netherlands, Belgium.

Click the link to see current shipping in the Humber Estuary and its approaches, Current Shipping provided by is a brilliant (and free!) site for anyone interested in ships. You can track around 170,000 ships all around the world in 'real time' and find out details such as ships dimensions and tonnage, where she's registered, where she came from and where she's going. If the weather's bad and I can't get out to the beach then I can still see what's happening in the river by watching If you've not seen that site before then it's well worth a visit!

What Equipment you might need to stand and watch the ships go by?

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